Podcast: What a Carbon Takeback Obligation Means for Fossil Fuel Producers

Jane Savage and Myles Allen spoke to Dominique Barker with CIBC Capital Markets to discuss the importance of Geological Net Zero, and how a Carbon Takeback Obligation is the policy that can accomplish this goal.

From the episode:

Jane Savage: Producers have developed engineering know how, and they have the financial resources to mitigate climate change, but have importantly up till now lacked the business case to mobilize that know how. So to create a business case, companies who produce fossil fuels really have to be compelled to pay for the harmful effects of their products or stop producing them. So the Carbon Takeback Obligation is a particularly well developed piece of policy that we at PACE advocate for, which does just that. It puts the onus on the extractor of fossil fuels to permanently store the carbon dioxide associated with their oil and gas production.

The full episode can be found here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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