Our Priorities

Fossil fuel producers must take responsibility for the carbon pollution that results from their products and activities. Our goal, Net Zero, can be achieved through applying the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility to the fossil fuel industry by implementing a Carbon Takeback Obligation.

The world is not ready to stop using fossil fuels immediately — but the climate crisis demands immediate action. These priorities address carbon pollution from fossil fuels while we continue working urgently to complete the transition to alternative energy sources.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

100 percent of the carbon contained within fossil fuels ends up dumped into the atmosphere as waste carbon dioxide. The fossil fuel industry must be held responsible for cleaning up this carbon pollution — just like other industries are responsible for cleaning up the waste from their products and activities.

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Net Zero

If we focus solely on cutting fossil fuel use, Net Zero will not be achieved soon enough to avoid a climate disaster. While this transition is crucial, we must also address the emissions produced before its completion. This means achieving Geological Net Zero (GNZ), or balancing any remaining carbon extraction with permanent carbon storage.

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Carbon Takeback Obligation (CTBO)

We must implement regulation requiring fossil fuel producers to store a rising fraction (reaching 100% by 2050) of the carbon dioxide associated with their products and activities. A CTBO ensures carbon clean-up, and that this clean-up is paid for by the fossil fuel industry — not taxpayers.

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