Jane Savage in The Globe & Mail Letters to the Editor: “Corporate objectives”

Jane Savage appears in The Globe and Mail‘s Letters to the Editor, discussing the need to address Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions:

Re Oil Sands Companies Have The Financial Muscle To Go Their Own Way On Reducing Carbon Emissions (Report on Business, Feb. 1): The financial needs of BP and Shell and their investments in carbon-emission reduction are contrasted with those of Canadian Natural Resources and Suncor, with the latter being able to self-finance projects. However, the aim of European oil majors is to address all emissions that result from oil and gas production, whereas the so-called net-zero definition of Canadian companies only targets manufacturing emissions.

Suncor and CNRL would face much greater financing needs if they were addressing the full environmental impact of their activities. Eventually, society may require them to do so, and they may find themselves so far behind that they struggle to survive.

Read in The Globe and Mail here.

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