Stephen Gibbons



Stephen Gibbons is one of the founders of BlackGreen, a charitable foundation focused on business participation in carbon dioxide reduction. BlackGreen advocates for science-based solutions and promotes CCS projects.  Stephen worked in the oil industry for three decades. 

Stephen is deeply interested in environmental change and health and is an investor and director of several companies related to these themes. He is currently a Director at Power & Water, a UK company that cleans and purifies polluted water using a novel technology, and Immunitrack, a Danish immunology company specializing in the analysis of peptide bonding for vaccines, medicines and antigens in general.

From 1988 to 2010 Stephen worked in the oil trading business, eventually as a director of a large energy trading company which traded Carbon Credits. Dissatisfaction with that process led him into a deeper review of the ways to solve environmental problems. He focuses on carbon capture and sequestration because he believes that engineers working for the companies causing the pollution are amongst the best placed to solve the same problems of pollution. Stephen has great hopes for novel solutions but believes we cannot wait and must act now.

Stephen’s career began at Shell International managing government relations and later proprietary trading in Elf Aquitaine throughout Middle East and Africa. Thereafter, he moved to Arcadia Petroleum and held the position of CEO in Arcadia Singapore.

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